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Shared Savings Program Available to Business Customers

Hartford Electric is offering local business customers financial assistance to fund electrical energy efficiency upgrades through its Shared Savings program.

With funding provided by its nonprofit power supplier, WPPI Energy, Hartford Electric established the Shared Savings program to pay business customers upfront for up to five years of annual cost savings associated with energy efficiency projects. The advance payment will be used to cover the purchase and installation costs of the project. Customers will then repay the funding in monthly installments on their utility bills. In most cases, the energy cost savings will be greater than the monthly repayments, resulting in a positive cash flow for the customer.

Hartford Electric is offering the Shared Savings program to provide customers with additional opportunities to reduce energy costs. As a result, Hartford Electric will enhance the economic value of its membership in WPPI Energy and help businesses in Hartford improve the efficiency of their commercial facilities.

Under the terms of the program, Shared Savings funding will include a two percent annual service fee, compounded monthly. Funding may range from $2,500 to $50,000 based on the cost of the improvements. Eligible customers must have three years of established bill payment history with Hartford Electric and pass a comprehensive credit review.

Hartford Electric will work with interested customers to identify eligible electrical energy-saving projects and complete the application. For additional guidelines and eligibility requirements, contact Hartford Electric at (262) 670-3700.

Smart energy use is good business

If you’re interested in upgrading your building or equipment to improve energy efficiency and significantly lower your operating costs for years to come, we can help.

We offer a variety of programs and incentives that help businesses and organizations like yours make electricity-saving or demand-reducing improvements. We offer expert assistance with projects of all sizes and at all stages – from pre-construction planning through completion.

We work with customers one-on-one, providing technical expertise and financial incentives to meet businesses’ needs, including agribusinesses, commercial and industrial businesses, apartments and condominiums, churches, schools and governments.

Initiatives that save energy not only improve your bottom line through cost savings, but also provide a healthier, more comfortable environment for your employees and customers. You can take pride in measures that reduce overall power demand, keeping future energy costs down and fostering strong local economies.

Are you considering adding or replacing electrical equipment or updating buildings for energy efficiency? We will work closely with you to identify eligible projects, assist with estimating project demand and energy impacts, and help you apply for incentives and program funding.

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