Electric Lineworker Scholarships

Just about every person, family, home and business relies on the comfort of electricity to accomplish everyday tasks. Since the 1800s, power lines have been essential to transport electricity form generation plants through transmission lines on to distribution lines where it is routed to the final user. There have always been skilled workers needed to construct, operate and maintain these lines. These highly trained people have come to be known as “Lineworkers”.

Hartford Electric is offering scholarships of up to $1,000.00 to qualified applicants who are enrolled/ plan to enroll in Electrical Power Distribution School or the Lineworker Training Program at a technical college in Wisconsin. Eligible candidates can apply as high school Juniors or Seniors, or as recent graduates of Hartford Union High School.

Linework offers a great opportunity for a rewarding career with an electric utility such as locally owned Hartford Electric.

For more information and to apply contact your HUHS school guidance office or complete the online application Hartford Electric Lineworker Scholarship Guidelines and Application and mail to: Hartford Electric, 620 West Sumner St., Hartford, WI 53027. Applications are due by April 15th for the 2014-2015 for the fall session.